What they say


“No Way!”





“We’re still trying to work out how he did it!”

Matt Mosur Photography


Performed at

Bradda Glen Restaurant

Bunscoill Rhumsaa

Centenary Centre

Empress Hotel

Fun Barn

Glenlough Campsite

King William’s College

Milntown House

Niarbyl Bay Café

Palace Hotel

Ramsey Masonic Hall

Regency Hotel

The Sefton

Steam Train

Talk of the Town

Two-Six Café Bar

Villa Marina

Youth Arts Centre


Manx Cancer Help


Corporate & charity clients

Barclays Bank

Martyn Fiddler Aviation

A.D. Hewett Dental Practice

Manx Cancer Help

Milntown Estate

Simcocks Advocates

SMP Partners

St Maughold’s Lodge

The Empress Hotel



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